The Brewery

Our Brewer

Meet our brewer, Alex Befort. Alex has been a fixture behind the bar at Reads since 2015.  A local from Millville, MN, his brewing career started like many others with an interest in beer and homebrewing.  In 2017 Alex was given the opportunity to apprentice with Brew Master Bob Nihart.  Bob is the former owner of Reads Landing Brewing Company and creator of many of our hand-crafted beers.  Alex completed his apprenticeship with Bob in the fall of 2018 and is now Reads Landing Brewing Company Brewer. Alex has become a very good brewer in his own right and continues to pursue his career here at Reads.  Alex can be found behind the bar Wednesday through Saturday night.  He enjoys chatting with our customers and is always eager to answer questions about our beers and brewing process.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are purchased from local vendors per brew to ensure freshness and quality.  Our grains are purchased whole and milled on-site.  We also mill our brewer’s grains for a local bakery that produces our burger and sandwich buns.  Our spent grains are donated to a local farmer.

Our Brewhouse

We utilize an all-grain, 3-vessel, 3-barrel all-electric brewhouse with a Brewmation control panel.

Our Fermenters

The wort is pumped into a separate temperature controlled fermentation room where it goes through a traditional fermenting and conditioning process.

Our Serving Tanks

The finished beer is held in our brite tanks in a third “cooler room” that feeds directly to our taps upstairs.